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How Technology Development Helps the Magicians

How Technology Development Helps The Magicians?

Magic is the art of creating illusions and performing arts that would normally be considered to be impossible, unnatural or supernatural. Magic has been a part of human history from ancient times. It has existed in the histories of different cultures, religions, tribes and countries in a number of different ways. The first-ever recorded act of magic was performed more than 5,000 years ago.

This was done in Ancient Egypt by the magician Dedi in about 2,700 BC. He has supposedly created and displayed a magic trick using cups and balls. But as times changed, the perception people had for magic was not a very welcoming one.

Ancient Egypt

Traditionally, magic was associated with anything supernatural and people were not very receptive to it. It was associated with witchcraft and sorcery and even led to some violent movements. But slowly and gradually, these views changed, the situation normalised and people finally began to enjoy the magic. It was only in the 1800s that magic shows became a popular form of entertainment. With stage acts and street tricks, magic gained enormous popularity. Many magicians gained unfathomable successes and made a name for themselves on an international platform. And as times changed, magicians changed, people changed and magic itself evolved as well.

Technological Development

With the technological advancements in the last century, the daily lives of the people were tremendously changed. From their eating habits to ways of communication, from their transportation facilities to the educational sector, from security measures to kitchen and cooking appliances, everything was modernised, changed and modified. Modern magic, magicians as well as magic shows could not possibly remain unaffected. Magic tricks and shows went from simple parlour tricks to more elaborate, complicated and diverse acts and performances. These also came with seemingly increased dangerous acts, shocking performances and surprising executions of the various acts of the magic show.

As technology is continuously advanced, modernised and enhanced, its applications in people’s lives as well. The same can be said for magic and magic shows as well. Technology is now an integral part of magicians and magic shows. Many interesting and fascinating devices are being used in different magic shows and displays. Technology has once again proven to be a magician’s best accomplice in recent situations. In these lockdown situations, magicians have now switched to online platforms and are performing virtual magic shows. The use of different software and applications in various magic shows to enhance the quality and diversity of these shows, and entrance the audience all the same.