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Regular Visits To Your Hygienist Can Improve Your Health

It has been said before that an apple a day keeps the doctor away; perhaps, we should also add that a visit to your hygienist a month keeps your dentist away. This is so true, considering the wonderful job that dental hygienists do. They help clean, and check your teeth regularly for any signs of diseases. Thus with your dental health taken care of, your overall health is also enhanced. Yet, most people tend to conveniently avoid any medical checkups related to their dental health! This shouldn’t the case; you have every reason to regularly visit a hygienist;

  • Some diseases like gingivitis have early signs that a professional can point out. Even the normal cleaning and teeth flossing; during such, a hygienist can be able to guide you ahead in case they come across signs of other dental conditions.
  • Thus a hygienist will offer preventive care, which is always better than curative care offered by dentists.
  • It’s also worth remembering that we are all supposed to visit a dentist at least twice a year, for regular checkups. But if you have a hygienist, you can even make the visits more regular; you’ve got nothing to lose from such. You’ll have your teeth cleaned, whitened, flossed, and basically attended to in the best way possible. This surely helps enhance your overall health.
  • Compared to dentists, a hygienist is more affordable. This is more reason why you ought to make time for more visits and checkups Most people who don’t visit dentists regularly for regular checkups have argued that dental services are extremely costly. Perhaps the reason for this is because most dental service are curative. A hygienist’s services are preventative, and thus cheaper.

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In summary, you should be able to visit your hygienist at least once a month; it’s a great way to improve your general health.

By Muswell Hill Smile Dental Practice.