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unknown facts about iphone x

iPhone X, unknown facts

A few days ago, Apple unveiled new devices among them a Smartwatch, an Apple TV, and well, several brands if Smartphones like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. But that’s not all, what caught the attention of most observers was the iPhone X, set to be retailing at $999. Indeed, Apple CEO Tim Cook summed it so well when he said that the iPhone would be the future of Smartphones. Even as eager buyers line up and anticipate purchasing these fantastic gadgets, there are a few things you’ll need to know. You can always trust Deal Vourchez to have adequately researched each product before we discuss it and below is what we’ve gathered so far about iPhone X;

  1. X is Silent; first and foremost, you’ll need to learn that the X isn’t pronounced as letter X but instead, as ten. Well, according to the Apple executives on stage, it’s pronounced as iPhone Ten, rather than iPhone X. Hear that?
  2. Edge to edge display; iPhone users have lamented previously that the screens were much compressed. The iPhone X ushers in a new dawn of edge to edge display, thanks to a 5.6 inches long screen. The entire front side is a screen, save for a small silver cover on top of the camera.
  3. Goodbye to the Home button; most Smartphones nowadays are doing away with the home button, the iPhone X is no exception. You’ll just need to swipe the screen from bottom to top in order to activate the home screen or navigate over different apps.

    iphone x

  4. Glass all over; Apple’s iPhone X has an all glass design, making it one of a type it’s covered in glass at the front and back. Worried about dropping it down and getting it damaged? Relax, Apple says this glass is the most durable of any used to make a Smartphone.
  5. Facial recognition; existing iPhones allow you to unlock them using finger print recognition. iPhone X offers something different; you can unlock the phone by having it scan and recognize your face.
  6. Wireless charging; the iPhone X together with its peers the 8 and 8 Plus will all use wireless charging, a concept known as QI wireless charging.
  7. Never got lost anywhere; with iPhone X, you will never get lost on any destination on earth as the phone is connected to the advanced Galileo satellite system. The phone’s geo-localization abilities are unprecedented.
  8. Sorry, wait until October; while iPhone 8 and 8Plus are available for sale this month, iPhone X won’t be available until October 27 and even then, you’ll only be able to pre order; shipments will commence in November 3. is eagerly awaiting the release of iPhone X in the market, make your early pre-orders now and enjoy handsome discounts. We always partner with leading and reputable mobile phone dealers; you can never go wrong shopping directly from our site.