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Methods to Boost the Mobile Signal

Different Methods used to Boost the Mobile Signal

Mobile signal boosters are the most effective way to boost mobile signals, but if you are looking to give your cell the much-needed signal boost there are different methods you can implement to make sure your mobile phone is running well without any issues, as there are simple fixes you can try to boost your signal like going outdoors, preventing your battery from entering low power mode and going in and out of airplane mode, there are other factors that affect your signal and here are how to fix them. If you are searching for methods on how to improve the mobile signal, below are some methods for you,

Avoid materials that block your signal

Obstructions that are in line with the cell tower can interfere with cellular reception, if the signals from cell towers have to pass through a lot of obstructions such as walls, glasses and buildings the reception may be considerably lowered.

Boost the Mobile Signal

Identify the nearest mobile phone tower

Sometimes your mobile phone can fail to lock onto the best cell tower. There are apps that can help you identify the nearest mobile towers and provide information about the signal. It would really help to be as close to the cell tower as possible for the best possible signal.

Avoid electronic devices

Electronic devices can interfere with your mobile phone signal, if you are struggling to make a call you can try turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the mobile device to boost the signal. Devices such as laptops, microwaves and iPod’s should be turned off.

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Hold your phone correctly

As strange as this may sound it is highly probable that your signal is jammed because of how you have held your device. Since most devices have internal antennas serious issues with the antennas occur when you hold the device sideways, your hands tend to block the antenna which makes communication to the cell tower very difficult.

Avoid highly populated areas

When too many people use their tablets and phones all at once, the nearest cell tower gets overwhelmed with all the traffic. Dropped calls, slow and unreliable internet, slow uploads and download speeds, and inability to send text messages tend to occur leaving you frustrated. It’s best to avoid such places.

Use signal boosters

If you live in an area with little mobile coverage, it’s best you install a signal booster. These devices boost the cellular signal and give you a usable signal. Avoid unlicensed boosters and buy from reputable genuine websites.