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IFA gold medal For Uralchem

URALCHEM Receiving the IFA Gold Medal

The International Fertilizer Association is a world-renowned organization in charge of monitoring and preaching for health, safety, and environmental care among companies in the fertilizer production sector. Every year, IFA recognizes and awards the best-performing companies seen to be intentional about upholding all the health safety and environmental standards.

It was an honor for Uralchems Eurochem Group to be awarded the IFA gold medal. Besides being a leading manufacturer of mineral and chemical fertilizer, Uralchem also boasts as much distinction in its efforts to maintain a healthy working space for its staff members.

The IFA looked at Uralchem’s ability to uphold employee safety and whether the company took time to teach its staff about proper rules of safety at the work-place. Other areas IFA investigates include how energy efficient the company is in consuming energy and how high or low their CO2 emissions are. Earning the IFA Gold Medal award for Uralchem means that it has met and passed all these standards.

  • The Awarding Ceremony

URALCHEM Receiving the IFA  award

During the awarding ceremony, the IFA President Rakesh Kapur didn’t mince his words when he stated that, “EuroChem leads by example in the international fertilizer industry in terms of advancing the agenda of Safety, Health, and Environment-SHE issues. We are proud to have EuroChem among our valued members and look to the company as a guiding light.”

On behalf of the company head Dmitry Mazepin, the IFA Gold Medal award was received by Egor Yurkin, who is the head of the department in charge of health, safety, and environment in Eurochem. In his acceptance speech, he was quick to mention that, “Continuing to achieve sustainable growth is a key measure of success, along with the effective people management, safety, environmental stewardship, and stakeholder engagement.” He also added saying that, “It’s a huge honor to have our efforts recognized by the International Fertilizer Association and we look forward to boosting our collaboration in future years.”

There was pomp and color during the awarding ceremony which was held in Beijing. The event was supported by the IFA strategic forum which is part of Beijing’s General Assembly.

  • Here’s more on the Uralchem’s Sister Company Eurochem Group AG

Eurochem Group AG’s main headquarters are based in Zug, Switzerland. When it comes to the manufacture of potash, phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers, Eurochem Group AG quickly comes to mind as one of the leading producers. Eurochem Group AG is also famous as a global manufacturer of mining and industrial products used in fertilizer production. In addition, Eurochem Group is into the logistics and distribution business.

The company boasts numerous production facilities spread across the world, including the CIS, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Currently, the company employs a whopping 26,000 people and continues to support more via its charitable efforts. Uralchem as a whole produces over 2.9 million tons of ammonium nitrate, 1.2 million tons of Urea and 0.8 tons of Phosphate and complex fertilizers.

Under the leadership of Dmitry Mazepin, Uralchem is soon bound to become the top chemical and mineral fertilizer producer. A move that is bound to attract more awards and recognitions.